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Welcome to one of the largest tennis programs in Middlesex County!

The Marcus Lewis Tennis Center (MLTC) has two primary locations in the town of Acton: MLTC East (10 Granite Road) and MLTC West (102 Nonset Path). Together they provide 8 outdoor courts during the outdoor season and 10 indoor courts during the indoor season.

Those resources combined with our satellite locations and school programs allow us to offer an incredibly comprehensive program for both juniors and adults.

Whether you or your children have never touched a racquet or if you or your children are tournament players seeking to improve your national ranking, we have the program and the personnel to help you.

Tennis for everyone!

Important Info for High School Tennis Parents!
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Each year we receive questions from parents about the path their kids need to follow in order to make a high school team and what kind of influence the coach has on the process. Over the years there have been a number of myths that have been perpetuated about what you need to do to make it happen and now it is time to dispel them. We think you will be very surprised when you learn the facts over the fiction. Click here for more!

Champions Spotlight
Saanvi Vutukur!
MLTC Masters Junior &
Winner of the March 22nd
Wayside 12 & Under
Green ball Tournament!